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Arm and Boot bags are currently not available.  Please consider the UniBag as an alternative.

OzoneLab™ Bags are offered in three versions (and are available in sets - see below):

  • ArmBags
  • BootBags
  • UniBags (20" and 32" long)
with Inlet/Outlet Ports
Arm Bag Picture
with Inlet/Outlet Ports
Boot Bag Picture


  • Disposable plastic "ArmBags","BootBags" and "UniBags" are distributed without ozone INLET and OUTLET fittings attached.
  • Ozone INLET and OUTLET fittings are reusable and they should be installed in accord with individual need of the client (as close as possible to a part of the arm/hand or foot which should benefit from close proximity to ozone discharge point).
  • Installation of INLET and OUTLET fitting does not require any special tools or skills. After the best location for the INLET fitting is selected, small hole (1/8" +/-) should be punctured trough the plastic wall and male part of the fitting set should be inserted from inside of the plastic bag trough the hole. Female part of the fitting set (with barb section serving for attaching the ozone tubing) should be pressed against the male part penetrating the plastic bag wall.
  • Disposable plastic "ArmBags","BootBags" and "UniBags" as well as "Ozone INLET & OUTLET fittings are available in bulk or individual packaging directly from Ozone Services.

Important Notes:

  • The opening of plastic "ArmBags","BootBags" and "UniBags" should be properly sealed before the ozone will be discharged into the bag, to prevent ozone leakage to surrounding air.
  • It is recommended to keep the oxygen flow as low as possible to prevent extensive leakage of ozone from plastic "ArmBags","BootBags" and "UniBags". At the same time the oxygen (ozone) flow must be high enough to deliver sufficient amount of ozone into to fill up the "ArmBag","BootBag" or "UniBag".
The following Limb Bagging Sets are also available:
1x ArmBag with Ozone Inlet & Outlet ports installed
1x BootBag with Ozone Inlet & Outlet ports installed
25x 20" UniBag without Ozone Inlet & Outlet ports
25x 36" UniBag without Ozone Inlet & Outlet ports
2x 2FT Velcro double sided
1x Connectors for Limb Bagging Inlet and Outlet Port

Connectors and tubing as well as associated peripherals are available in both our Medical Research Area as well as our Health Care Provider Supplies Area.


Setup Example (more examples)

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