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  • Latex Free
  • Curved, Non-flared Tips
  • 7ft (2.1m) Tubing
  • Female Luer Locke Fitting
  • Over-the-Ear Style
  • For Single Patient Use Only

Cannula's are supplied in two different versions:

a). With standard "funnel" type connector for 1/4" barb fittings, as used by oxygen respiratory market.
b). With Female Luer Lock fitting, for the use with OzoneLab™ systems.

Directions for Use:

  • Prepare the hardware, for an inhalation protocol by following closely the recommendations given by the physician.
  • Attach cannula to the patient's face by inserting tips into nostrils, and by passing cannula tubing over both ears, positioning the part of the tubing with the adjustment ring under the chin.
  • To secure the nasal cannula in its correct position, slide adjustment ring up/down as needed, while keeping in mind patient's comfort.


  • Individually packaged in plastic
    • Size: 5 x 8.5"
    • Box: 50 units
  • Bulk

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