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Countdown Timer Front View
A small, battery operated, versatile and simple to use unit suitable for keeping track of time intervals in the range of 00[Min] 01[Sec] to 99[Min] 59[Sec].

The ALARM OUTPUT selection switch offers the user to select the type of alarm signal, which is initiated at the end of each countdown cycle:

  • Visual output / Blinking LED
  • Audio output / Beeping (40-50dB)
  • Visual and Audio output combined

All other functions of the timer are associated with the additional three buttons:

  • MIN [Minutes]
  • SEC [Seconds]

Operation of the Countdown Timer:

  • To set the time, MIN and SEC buttons are pressed to display the total time duration.
  • Then the START/STOP button is pressed and the countdown will be initiated.
  • Countdown function active…..
  • Countdown reaches to “00-00” and ALARM is activated
  • By pressing START/STOP, the timer will:
    • deactivate the ALARM
    • reset to preset time interval
  • By pressing START/STOP again, the original countdown sequence will be initiated.

Additional Notes:

  • If the countdown was interrupted (pressing START/STOP), the countdown process will be stopped and the remaining time interval will be displayed on the LCD.
  • If the START/STOP botton will be pressed again, the countdown will resume.

Resetting the TIME INTERVAL:

  • Make sure the countdown function is completed or suspended (pressing START/STOP)
  • Press MIN and SEC together Ë the display will show 00-00
  • Using MIN and SEC buttons, enter the new time interval

Technical Data:

  • Time Range: 00[Min] 01[Sec] Ë 99[Min] 59[Sec]
  • Size/Weight: 3x 2-1/4x 5/8 | 75x 55x 15mm (WxLxH) // 2oz | 60gr.
  • Battery: Alkaline Cell - GPA76 / 9C

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