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Products listed are used for special applications provided by trained professionals only !

Glass Syringes:

Ozone Services no longer carries glass syringes.

Syringe Filling Adapter / Manual (Luer Lock" 3-way valve) :

Luer Lock adapter is an assembly of:

Miniature ozone resistant (PVDF) 3 way valve with

  1. Ozone IN port (Luer Lock fitting)
  2. 1st Ozone OUT port (Luer Lock fitting)
  3. 2nd Ozone OUT port (Luer Lock fitting)

Luer Lock Schematic

Example Setup

Syringe Filling Adapter (Semi-automatic)

Syringe Filling Adapter 1Syringe Filling Adapter 2Syringe Filling Adapter 3

Syringe Filling Adapter 4
To fill a syringe - place syringe onto 'Ozone Syringe Port', then depress the toggle switch to the down position, holding down until the syringe is filled to desired level.

The above pictures show a 0.22µm filters with Luer Lock fittings being used.

Product Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 12VDC power supply, 2.1mm / center positive
International Universal 100-240VAC/12VDC adapter included with each unit.
Size: 5x 5x 2" // 125x 125x 50mm // (WxLxH)
Weight: 0.5Lbs.

Materials in direct contact with Ozone Gas:
External components:  
Tubing: Silicone
Fittings: Kynar (PVDF)
Internal Components:  
Tubing: Teflon™



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